Easy Wood Working Projects for Beginners

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Woodworking can be such an impressive activity and fun to engage in if you just possess the essential skill and knowledge about it. Woodworking can be a real source of revenue to any individual who does it either part time or full time. You do not require sophisticated tools when starting up; you can start by using your hands.

It is advisable that you start with simple projects that you can comfortably handle. Below is a list of beginner woodworking projects that a novice can comfortably handle and start with:

Simple Boxes
Making wooden boxes is a simple project that each is expected to try out in the early stages of wood work venture. You are required to bring a few pieces of wood together then fasten them by use of nails. You may then smoothen the wood.

Wood Cutting Board
Making of cutting boards is a project that does not require sophisticated tools. You may just use your hand and a wood cutting object. Cut a piece of timber and smoothen it by use of sand paper then make the edges uniform.

Wine Rack
The display of wine bottles at home is such a hobby and adored art these days. If you have useless pieces of wood just lying around, you can turn them into something good by making wooden wine racks. Just drill some holes on the plank and make it appealing and you will be good to go.

Wooden bangles
The handmade bracelets usually give such an appealing look if well shaped and designed. Try this and it can be a real source of revenue.

Tree stump table
The tree stump tables are usually easy to make for any beginner as you just need to level a thick log of wood then support it from under using light poles.

Arrow Wall Art
As a lover of art, you will find this task very appealing and enjoyable. Just join two pieces of wood in a way that they form an arrow shape and stick them on the wall

Wooden Doormat
Instead of the standard door mats, why not experience something different. Wooden door mats if well designed, offer more appeal than usual ones. Welcoming words can be carved on them to produce a great welcome to all.

Wooden Spoons
Making beautiful and attractive spoons from wood is possible. Curve your pieces of wood to make a spoon shape then make them more beautiful by painting on them different colors.

Tv Cabinet
Your flat screen Tv should be kept in a safe hideaway. A wooden cabinet provides such a safe holding area for your Tv. Construct the cabinet according to your TV’s size and specifications so that it can fit.

Sitting Stools
Well designed stools are very appealing to sit on especially outdoors in the compound gardens. You require few pieces of wood, well curved to come up with good sitting stools.

Picnic Tables
When relaxing on the compound lawns, you require a table to place your drinks and snacks on. A well constructed wooden table adds to the beauty of the environment outside.

Mops and Gardening Tools
You require shaping your piece of wood round and at the same time smoothen it to have a smooth handle for brooms and gardening tools such as spade and shovels.

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